New Data Demonstrate Advanced Features Of Hydrofiber(R) Technology

May 26, 2009

Researchers with ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics presented a series of in vitro studies demonstrating the advanced features and fluid handling capacity of the company’s proprietary dressings containing Hydrofiber Technology this week at the 19th Conference of the European Wound Management Association.

Developed by ConvaTec, a world-leading provider of innovative medical technologies for community and hospital care, dressings containing Hydrofiber Technology, including AQUACEL and Versiva XC™ dressing, gel on contact with wound fluid to provide a moist wound healing environment, manage exudate, protect the periwound skin5 and reduce pain in situ and on removal.6,7,8 With the inclusion of ionic silver, AQUACEL Ag dressing provides on demand antimicrobial activity, responding to increased bacteria with increased silver ion availability.9,10*
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NPR Features Discussion With Planned Parenthood President About Gift Certificate Program

January 16, 2009

NPR’s “Tell Me More” on Monday included a discussion with Cecile Richards — president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America — about Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s sale of gift certificates that can be used at its clinics to pay for reproductive health care services, including abortion services. Richards said, “[W]omen are always the first to really make sacrifices for their families, and oftentimes this means ignoring their own health care needs. So we thought gift certificates were a good way to provide financially strapped women an opportunity to get affordable family planning and other services,” especially in light of the poor economy. According to Richards, 97% of Planned Parenthood services are for preventive care, such as family planning services, cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings, and gynecological exams. She added that one in four women has visited a Planned Parenthood clinic and that the organization provides three million birth control prescriptions annually.
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