iLife Quietly Moves Intel Dual Core Only

February 5, 2009

iLife Quietly Moves Intel Dual Core Only

Apple has always been about moving forward, about pressing customers to buy the latest and greatest. Product pacing has been high in Cupertino (except for the Mac Mini, obviously), and this is obviously a good thing if you’re an Apple bean counter. Most Apple fans more or less accept this planned obsolescence without question, but the company may have just gone a little too far.

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Obama ‘Must Not Bow’ To Demands Of Abortion-Rights Supporters, Editorial Says

January 16, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama was “largely hesitant” to discuss abortion rights while campaigning, and he “had good reason to be apprehensive,” a Washington Times editorial says, adding that abortion-rights groups “want to pull out all the stops, and their wish list has no bounds.” The editorial states that abortion-rights advocates are lobbying Obama’s transition team to “remove all restrictions on abortion instituted by President Bush and Republican-led Congresses over the last eight years.”
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Intel warns of revenue dip

January 11, 2009

Intel’s showing at CES was overshadowed this week with the news that the chip giant was predicting a massive 23 percent drop in revenue.

CNet reports that Intel’s fourth quarter earnings report contains an $8.2 billion revenue expectation, which is a massive 23 percent down on year-earlier figures, and 20 percent lower than third quarter revenue.

With industry analysts claiming a 26 percent decline on consumer electronics sales year-on-year, it’s not hard to see why Intel is feeling the pinch. The current depressed economic climate worldwide is slowing spending, which is in turn decreasing demand – leading the channel to be filled with excess inventory that has to be discounted ever steeper. The excess inventory leads to fewer orders from the chip makers themselves, and it’s this slowdown in purchasing that is causing Intel some significant heartache this quarter.
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