Obama ‘Must Not Bow’ To Demands Of Abortion-Rights Supporters, Editorial Says

January 16, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama was “largely hesitant” to discuss abortion rights while campaigning, and he “had good reason to be apprehensive,” a Washington Times editorial says, adding that abortion-rights groups “want to pull out all the stops, and their wish list has no bounds.” The editorial states that abortion-rights advocates are lobbying Obama’s transition team to “remove all restrictions on abortion instituted by President Bush and Republican-led Congresses over the last eight years.”
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Netbook Market Sees Significant Growth

December 29, 2008

Netbook Market Sees Significant Growth

There has been some concern among enthusiasts that the emerging netbook market is nothing but a fad – it’s fun and interesting now, but it will die out soon enough. Intel and AMD sure seem to be very careful about the netbook market, but according to figures from DisplaySearch, the market for small notebooks has exploded over the course of a year.
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