Nonaddictive pain medication


i want to know if their is a nonaddictive pain med that is similar to percocet/i am allegric to aspirin.thanks


Percocet is a brand of drug containing acetaminophen and oxycodone. This drug is prescribed for moderate to moderate-severe pain. Oxycodone is an opiate or narcotic pain reliever. Your doctor should help you find a drug which works as well as Percocet for your pain. Many non-opiate drugs such as the NSAID’s (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are useful for many kinds of pain. Please discuss your concerns about addiction and opiate drugs with your doctor. Taking an opiate drug in proper doses to treat moderate to severe pain does not suggest the patient is an opiate addict. The web link below may provide more answers. Medline Plus has a Health Topic titled “pain relievers”.

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